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- sylver grey While my story may differ plot wise from theirs, I will borrow elements and ideas from their stories.

Disclaimer: I don't own any PJO or Fairy tail characters or worlds, the writers and creators do.

After Annabeth's death, Percy kills Gaia in a fit of rage.

Before the Primordial goes back to her multiple millennia long slumber she transports Percy to an unknown world filled with magic, guilds, and wizards.

Artemis and Apollo ran towards their mother and Leo ran towards Calypso.

After everybody settled down the after-war party started and raged on into the night.

I won't do Percyx Lucy unless you guys want me to so review and tell me.

I've been reading a lot of PJO and Fairy Tail crossovers and I thought I would give you guys my take on it. I either want Percyx Erza, Percyx Cana, or Percyx Mira, but it's up to you guys.

Every step I took created cracks in the earth and I noticed a large hurricane starting to form around me.

I couldn't heard my friends' shouts over the hurricane and the buzzing in my head.

As I watched as an earthen hand grab the love of my life's neck and twisted, resulting in a deafening It dropped the lifeless body of my girlfriend and both sunk into the ground. Then my vision turned red and I got up and started slowly walking towards the top of Mt.

Olympus, where the laughing form of Gaia could be seen.

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She slid off the end of my sword and fell to ground and dissolved into golden dust. " Poseidon rushed forward to grab me, but my vision turned to black before he reached me. They felt the gods approach behind them as they watched their friend and undisputed leader stab Gaia through the heart with his sword. "They were shocked at the rage they heard from his voice and the power he was producing and they had to step back a little.

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