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Trying to find out if my definition needs to change. Life is short for everyone if you look at the big picture. Haha the higher you get on the chart, the more you score! It means I search for a serious relationship with one women to share my life with. Best of Luck Cowboy Long term can be relative to you own age range.In your 20's, long term is anything beyond 3 to 5 years. more than 2 years Your 40's more than a year50's, anything more than 6 months60's more than 3 months70's. At 45, I don't intend on playing the field for eternity looking for a perfect women.These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'carbon dating.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. .boxy-content a.term-action, button.term-action a.term-action:hover, button.term-action:hover .term-action-bg .term-uex .term-cite .term-fc .term-edit .boxy-dflt-hder .definition .definition a .definition h2 .example, .highlight-term a.round-btn, a.round-btn.selected:hover a.round-btn:hover, a.round-btn.selected .social-icon a.round-btn .social-icon a.round-btn:hover a.round-btn .fa-facebook a.round-btn .fa-twitter a.round-btn .fa-google-plus .rotate a a.up:hover, selected, a.down:hover, selected, .vote-status .adjacent-term .adjacent-term:hover .adjacent-term .past-tod .past-tod:hover .tod-term .tod-date .tip-content .tooltip-inner .term-tool-action-block .term-link-embed-content .term-fc-options .term-fc-options li .term-fc-options li a .checkmark .quiz-option .quiz-option-bullet .finger-button.quiz-option:hover .definition-number .wd-75 .wd-20 .left-block-terms .left-block-terms .left-block-terms li .no-padding .no-padding-left .no-padding-right .boxy-spacing @media (min-width: 768px) @media (max-width: 768px) @media print { a:link:after, a:visited:after nav, .term-action, #wfi-ad-slot-leaderboard, .wfi-slot, #related-articles, .pop-quiz, #right-block, .Or the one guy I saw here in the forums awhile back who felt that 18 months is 'long term', and then he'd go on to another 'long term'. Meeting someone and in the back of your mind thinking this is the one I want to be with forever, is my idea of making a long term commitment, and forming a long term relationship.I hazard to say there are people who have a fvck buddy that has been around for a decade.I have a friend who was married for six months and she thought it was long term when she said I DO. In my world..term means "longer than two weeks" Seriously OP, everyones definition of long term is going to mean something different. I am looking for someone who will be there when my hair turns gray, and my eye sight fails.I would have to say I consider more than 5 years together as long term....maeflowers My first thought was to do the math. Did he/she segue from one to another without a break? I would hope that there was at least a 6 month breather between relationships............remove 2 years total for healing from the equation. I am looking for someone who thinks I am Miss Right, not Miss Right now.

Well, To me this mean a lasting relationship, probably ending in marriage.

The time they have been using each other does not have the same "intent" as two people who making a loving commitment.

In my mind a long term relationship is something someone on here chooses as a label as opposed to dating if they are looking for a lifetime partner, with or without benefits of marriage.

Would this long term relationship meet your standards simply because it went past 10 years?

I don’t put arbitrary term limits on the definition of long term.

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To me there is no time line to long term relationship.

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