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AB - abortion; may see SAB (spontaneous) or TAB (therapeutic) or EAB (elective) AC - abdominal circumference (sono) AFI - amnionic fluid index (sono); normal = 5 to 20 AGA - appropriate for gestational age BPD - biparietal diameter (sono) Chl - chlamydia, usually referring to gen probe Ctx - contractions CVAT - costovetebral angle tenderness, a symptom of pyelonephritis DM - diabetes mellitus, may see GDM (gestational) DR - delivery room EBL - estimated blood loss EDC - estimated date of confinement (due date) EFW - estimated fetal weight (sono) FBS - fasting blood sugar FFN - fetal fibronectin FH - fundal height FHT - fetal heart tones FOC - father of child FTG - Foley to gravity GA - gestational age GIFT - gamete intrafallopian transfer G#P# - gravida, para G - total # of pregnancies P - total # of delivered pregnancies T - total # of term deliveries (after 37 weeks) P - total # of preterm deliveries (20-36 weeks) A - total # of abortions/miscarriages (before 20 weeks) L - total # of living children * Note: for TPA twins count as one number, but for L they count as two HSG- hysterosalpingography HTN - hypertension, may see CHTN (chronic) HBs Ag - Hepatitis B surface Antigen HGSIL - high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion IAL - in active labor; may see NIAL (not) ICSI - intracytoplasmic sperm injection IDC - indirect Coomb's test IUI- Intrauterine insemination IUP - intrauterine pregnancy; may see PTIUP (preterm), TIUP (term) IVDA - intravenous drug abuse IUFD - intrauterine fetal demise IUF-ET - in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer L/C/P - long, closed, posterior cervical exam when a woman is not in labor LGA - large for gestational age LGSIL - low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion LMP - last menstrual period (first day of) LTCS - low transverse cesarean section; refers to type of incision on the uterus and not the skin MGA - mean gestational age (sono) MI - menstrual index: age of pt at 1st period/cycle length/duration of period MLE - midline episiotomy, usually preceded by degree, e.g.

Doesn't mean they don't like the woman they are "dating", but they are going to get what they want, one way or another...pretty simple concept. What you do on dates, between dates, before dates and after dates is up for discussion.Those guys put 'Dating' in their profiles because if they were to put 'Intimate Encounter', they wouldn't get many offers.Also, it seems they're having success with it, based on the frequency of 'hit it and quit it' type posts. Dating to where we see other people Dating to just go out and have fun and sex Does he have hours of conversation with you asking you personal questions? If he is intrigued in you and asks questions then he is feeling you out to see if your worth a LTR.He doesn't want me but he doesn't want anyone else to have me either. If I wasn't good enough the first time around I sure won't be the seconfd time around either.Too bad for him, he had his chance and ditched me for something new and exciting. Now he has a girl he says he sees here and there but who knows how long that will last, 4 days later he tells me that they decided a month ago to be " exclusive" and that he didn't know what we were to each other but that there is a connection between them. It means something different to GUYS (wusses and jerks who comprise 90% of the adult males and 95% of the dateable males) than to MEN (a few percent of the dateable males).

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I accept your definition -- dating is meeting someone socially, getting to know the person and deciding whether there's the foundation to build a relationship ... And while I exclusivity is part of a long-term relationship, it need not be part of dating.

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