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Seventeen years ago my parents found themselves in this situation as I, like Libby in the film, was born profoundly deaf. My parents had no prior experience with deafness and so were distraught for my future.They thought that I would never hear my mother’s voice. They thought that I would have to use sign language and attend a special-needs school.

My parents made a choice, but I have been empowered. People need to understand just how well deaf children can learn to speak and that AV therapy can provide a route for deaf children into the mainstream world.Since sign language was invented, technology has made huge leaps forwards. Personally, I do not understand how a parent could deny their child the opportunity to hear and talk.Deaf children now have the opportunity to stand on the same level as their hearing peers. Perhaps they are, quite naturally, scared: they may fear that it is impossible for their child to ever reach the same level as their hearing peers or they may fear that their child may be discriminated against and so they follow the path of teaching them to sign.En español | May is Better Hearing Month and a good time to dispel some myths and misunderstandings about the deaf and those with hearing loss. Hearing loss comes with age and there's nothing you can do about it. This may have been true many years ago for some conditions, but with today's advances, nearly 95 percent of people with hearing loss caused by problems with the inner ear can be helped with hearing aids, according to the Better Hearing Institute. That's because the auditory system in the brain stops recognizing sound as your hearing worsens. But wait until it really gets bad before going to a specialist. The longer you wait, the harder it is to treat hearing loss.

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