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Its on an XP machine and I don't think it has that screen, where do you click after you are at Date and Time.

Also, I had discussed the bios above, please read everything posted and please provide a process for getting to the screen shots or ideas you give me. the computer is on XP and doesn't have the internet time setting and the computer I am on now is 7 and doesn't have that setting.

These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

What's the best way to get all these machines displaying the appropriate time?? as in, I'd rather not roll back to SP2 and then patch all these machines. TZeditor FTW, also the other way you mentioned works as well.

(Vista and Windows 2008 contain the 2007 changes to the US DST but the latest update should be installed so worldwide zones are current.) Use the Time Zone update tool for Outlook to fix your appointments.

This tool was first introduced in Outlook 2007 RTM then released as a standalone tool for all versions of Outlook. (This tool is also good for changing appointments if you move to a new time zone.) There is a similar tool administrator can run on Exchange server. If you have a Dynamic DST key under any of the US or Canadian zones (as well as for a couple of other countries), it was installed.

Beginning March 2007, daylight time is in effect a total of four weeks longer than previously.

Computers running Windows XP or older operating systems need to be updated so your computer time is correct.

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