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If u wanna make a drama related to science and engineering then better u make it right. No wonder science engineering doesnt really match with women in Korea. Am so glad that I found this drama after I watched Jae Hees' movie, 3 Iron. I really hate the fact that my fave one being casted in it.. I really like Kim Yoo Jung and Park Geon Tae as partners. I am really fascinated with the story and i kept telling it with my best friend at school. hope jaehee will chose better script in future, not as supporting role but main actor, please...or better dont touch anything about them if u dont make any research. Please, make it a good one T_____T even if it's makjang bla bla, please make it at least a decent one. When it ended I was really sad and until now I have never forgotten about it. i think Chang Hee and Hae Joo have great chemistry compared to KS and HJ.He makes it appear Hae-Joo drowns by the beach, but in actuality, takes Hae-Joo to live with his old military acquaintance Hong-Chul (Ahn Nae-Sang). acting should come out natural in tv dramas and movies..Unaware of all this, Hae-Joo's mother marries Do-Hyun, who has two children from a previous marriage. what i saw in ji hye's acting is like acting in stage.. am not fan of any of this film's main actors but I thought I wud keep intrest after watching first ep. Then when Hey-Joo and Chang Hea seperated It was like : nonesense...!!!!!!Due to their fight, In-Hwa's mother Geum-Hee is called in to the school and she sees Hae-Joo (her daughter that she thought drowned). From basically start to finish Kang San always seemed like the main lead, yea in early episodes you could say Chang-hee is more featured than San but once they're older that changes. I've never thought that I would find this drama since I'm quite a new fan of kdrama (1 year and 4 months) compared to my other friends who have been hooked to it since more than a decade. Promise everyone will love this one I really like May Queen. I think Jae Hee is good in any character: nice, serious, funny, mean..I love to see him in nice and funny roles better. 12 ep first was good and so exciting, but then I am totally lost interesting until last episode.great story..fairly ended.writer is brilliant.the director too..great casts and nice scenes and locations.jae-won and han ji-hye are too cute and funny together.with jae hee and son eun-so.pair had chemistry..2 thumps up!! I was bored these days as there is not so many to watch (honestly, am very picky). I don't know what are you going to do with your new drama, that bla bla Temptation. I watch it everyday, Its the only reason why I am excited to be Noon time. May Queen was one of the best drama I've ever watch, it is one of my inspiration. I was always on a rush to go home just to watch this drama. Just kept watching because Canghee-In Hwa couple...

Hae Joo's two father and uncle Jeong Woo was all great for loving her so much I will miss Kang San, Hae Joo, Inhwa, Jeong Woo, Chang Hee, Bong Hee, and all characters....With the exception of Geum Bo Ra and Lee Deok Hwa, the adult actors are not impressive as the young actors.Overall, the story is quite good (minus the boring parts). This drama started out great from the beginning especially with the children actors and actresses.Thank you very much for creating this great drama to all people....Thank you MBC I wonder why the trailer of may queen showed different scenes than the original drama. The words " the secret" should be replaced with the word "everything." It should read "Revealing EVERYTHING to the main characters at the very end is ok but revealing EVERYTHING to the VIEWERS at the very last is NOT ok (just my humble opinion)." I want to say that the writer could still reveal the last piece of the puzzle at the very end for maximum impact but the viewers should be given some clues earlier so they won't feel cheated.

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