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Evidence of Christianity at Siwa is uncertain, but in 708 the Siwans resisted an Islamic army, and probably did not convert until the 12th century.A local manuscript mentions only seven families totaling 40 men living at the oasis in 1203.The oracle fell into disrepute during the Roman occupation of Egypt.Nearby is the ruined temple of Umm Beda (Um Ebeida), and there are also many Roman remains in the vicinity.Other local historic sites of interest include: the remains of the oracle temple; the Gebel al Mawta (the Mountain of the Dead), a Roman-era necropolis featuring dozens of rock-cut tombs; and "Cleopatra's Bath", an antique natural spring.The fragmentary remains of the oracle temple, with some inscriptions dating from the 4th century BC, lie within the ruins of Aghurmi.The Ancient Egyptian name of the oasis was Sekht-am, which meant "palm land". Its modern name Siwa, first appeared in the 15th century; the etymology of the word is unclear.

German soldiers went skinny dipping in the lake of the oracle, contrary to local customs which prohibit public nudity.The oasis was officially annexed to the Eyalet of Egypt by Muhammad Ali of Egypt in 1819.In the Spring of 1893, German explorer and photographer, Hermann Burchardt, took photographs of the architecture of the town of Siwa, now stored at the Ethnological Museum of Berlin.The export of dates and olive oil provide the chief source of income, supplemented by basketry.Siwa’s ancient Egyptian name was Sekht-am, meaning “palm land.” The oasis was the seat of the oracle temple of , lie in the ruins of Aghūrmī.

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The first European to reach Siwa after Roman times was the British traveler William George Browne in 1792.

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