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Seek We're not going to link to this one; we're a family newspaper after all.

(No.) So here's a dating site, with real-world pictures and everything, to aid your search for nerdmance.And each of those communities have their own dating services. Not as rude as it sounds, so get your mind out of the gutter.This is “the online dating and social networking community for country-minded, or 'muddy', people.” Or, if you like, the internet wing of the Countryside Alliance.Your last SLLOTD struck my fancy and I responded to the couple looking for a unicorn in NYC. I didn't choose to be labeled a unicorn; flattered, yes, but it's not the only thing I'm interested in. In fact, I had a conversation recently with a friend in which we observed that the term "unicorn" doesn't even accurately apply to bi women anymore—single, hot, up-for-threesomes bi women—because they seem so common these days.The new unicorn is the bi-male, Dan, because a decent (everyone equally involved) MMF threeway is so much harder to put together than an FFM one.

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Basically it's a huge simulation of a fairly dull ordinary world, where you can simulate going to work, and making things, and so on.

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