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Research shows that the typical tree of the ’40s was not only smaller in size and most likely cut from its natural habitat, but its decorations focused on three essential things: “Angel Hair” spun out of fiber glass, colored lights or bulbs (often eerie blue lights!

) and an eye catching “tree topper” that would be most likely year after year.

Christmas trees of the 1940s varied in size and shape.

They varied in shape mostly because many people were still finding their trees in natural habitats — in other words, they were driving into the forests and cutting down an evergreen for themselves!

A few branches could be missing or the entire tree tilted slightly to one side!

But either way, society in the ’40s celebrated Christmas with the same zest and joy that we do today, and decorating the Christmas tree was as much as an annual tradition then as it is today.

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Whether you’re shopping for vintage Christmas decorations to add a touch of historic holiday or you want to duplicate a vintage look reminiscent of a specific era, this post has all the information you need to decide which vintage Christmas decorations are best for your tastes.

Whether you’ve trimmed your Christmas tree already or are still brainstorming your theme, there’s still opportunity to integrate vintage decorations into the decor of your home or onto the needles of your tree.

I believe that decorating Christmas trees with inspiration from the styles of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s is a great way to infuse intriguing traditions of the past with your own modern creativity.

Following the war, Shiny-Brite introduced a line of ornaments with a newly designed metal hook that provided the user with two lengths of hanger.

This arrangement was designed to allow the ornament to fill sparsely limbed areas of a natural tree.

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Christmas lights were wired in a series, so if one light went out the entire string was kaput!

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