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Every man has banged a monster in his life, because men are unable to resist free, no investment sex.

I agree with most people this quiz is wrong everyone is pretty, it does not matter what you look like, I mean the questions are ok, but the answers? Certificate Seal How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10? A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality.79 % of 705823 Quiz participants had this profile!

This is the place where an externally applied friendly kick in the butt works wonders, as does an internally applied one.

Fortunately, even those of us who are familiar with the higher depressive range also occasionally experience this lower register. This is where your body starts doing some strange stuff such as altering your sleep and/or altering your appetite.

The hotter a girl is, the less she has had to work on her personality to be liked by others.

She has no major flaws and is girlfriend material for 90% of guys.

The problem with 7’s is one of relativity: while out with one you run into a handful of girls who are better looking than her.

Yet, when I stop to think about it, it's no wonder we hear this so often.

It's also no wonder we hear so many different pieces of advice which seem to contradict each other and/or rub us the wrong way.

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Besides I have so many people I could call my friends but I’m my heart I have two! Besides not everyone in the world is going to find you pretty!!

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