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I, Larry Hinson, bequeath my weeds to John Gulledge.I, Geraldine Evans, bequeath my ability to hold a man to Dolly Mills.I, Donald Waters, do bequeath the seat reserved in the cemetery for Ann and myself to Roscoe Winchester and Doris Sells.I, Robert Williams, do bequeath my ability to be absent from school on the last days of the hunting season to Brother Willy.I, Jeanne Parnell, do bequeath my love for Buicks to Tootie Helms.I, Betty Ann Helms, do bequeath my love of studying French to Shannon Hallman.We, Jo Ellen Williams and Myra Pope, bequeath our pleasant memories of Marshville to Doris Belk.

I, Vivien Hinson, do bequeath my sincere love for Pageland to Miss Baker.

I, Mildred Blackburn, bequeath my complete lack of interest in boys to Carol Holloway.

We, Juanita Efird and Frieda Bryant, willingly bequeath our positions of importance at the Glamour Shop to Sara Frank Helms and Betty Sue Chaney.

I, Sam Penegar, do bequeath my girls to the snakes who can take them.

I, Mack Pigg, do bequeath my love of shooting pool to George Mc Farland.

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We, Joan Burns and Billy Knight, bequeath our gentle manners and quiet voices to Jerry Hardin and Jane Howie.

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