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Maybe I felt that we cannot wait for time to heal our wounds and that we should help along the healing process. I have been hurt, and my mother even more deeply at having to listen to all those insults against her son in tri-media. One hundred years after Kawit, 50 years after independence, 12 years after Edsa, and 7 years after the rejection of foreign bases, it is now the turn of the masses to experience liberation.

We stand in the shadow of those who fought to make us free—free from foreign domination, free from domestic tyranny, free from superpower dictation, free from economic backwardness.

I hope this message will not be taken badly by the rich.

It has always been their turn, and it is also their turn again.

No government is so powerless that it cannot protect its citizens, especially when they are victimized by government agents.

There is no excuse for the spread of crime in any society, unless government is an accomplice.

I ask the rich to take a share of the sacrifices commensurate with their strength.

What each of us carries is not our individual burden alone, but the fate of our country that we must all share, and which none of us can escape.

We will put more infrastructure at their service, to multiply their productivity and raise their incomes. What wealth will be generated will be more equitably shared.What sacrifices are demanded will be more evenly carried.This much I promise, for every stone of sacrifice you carry, I will carry twice the weight. You will not be alone again in making sacrifices, and you will not be the last again to enjoy the rewards when they come.For it is the priority of my administration to create the environment of peace and order in which business does well.But, surely, it is time for the masses to enjoy first priority in the programs of the government.

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We know that the major crimes in this country are committed by hoodlums in uniform.

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