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Otherwise, GSM-device owners still have a very restricted access to CDMA networks as shown in this sub-article "CDMA in the US". But T-Mobile has focused on the big cities giving better speeds there combined with very aggressive pricing well below the rates of AT&T.T-Mobile is the only 2G provider now and the 4G coverage gap to AT&T is narrowing.The US does a lot of things differently: voltage, plugs and the mobile (here often called: cell[ular]) phone system too.This leads to a lot of errors and confusion when you come from a different part of the world. This article applies to the United States of America (USA), its 50 states and the District of Columbia.

On 2G you can only get EDGE with slow data speeds up to 200 kbps.

In 2014 the refarming has been completed and 1900 MHz HSPA (up to 21 Mbps) coverage is now in most markets, but a few rural areas.

T-Mobile shut down 1700 AWS in some of these markets in 2015 and keeps on shifting more markets from 1700 MHz AWS to 1900 MHz PCS on 3G.

The CDMA technology is used in very few countries of the world like Japan or China.

But in the US it's employed by the two major operators Verizon and Sprint.

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