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You need to look at what we are saying: we are making claims to say that the facts suggest there is creation involved.'He added that during lectures at the zoo no mention was made of Creationism and staff kept to the National Curriculum.'It's not hokum, it's not rubbish science and it's not brainwashing - we're doing a fair job and some of the criticisms have been unfair.'Out of 120,000, visitors each year, of which a vast amount are made up of parents and school trips, we get approximately 10 complaints a year regarding this topic which is very low.Clearly the public do not share the British Humanist view point.'Last year the Scout Association faced a human rights watchdog investigation over a complaint that it discriminates against non-religious members.

The Advertising Standards Authority received more than 150 complaints, but it was not deemed to have breached guidelines.The Bible says that this is Noah and his three sons.All would have a similar story about the flood, but they may have their own opinions about the reasons behind sin and the problems at creation. The claim is also made that the Jews borrowed their religion from the Egyptians, Babylonians and Persians.And while the Jews were exiting Egypt, other religions were just being formally organized.Therefore, the Judeo-Christian version given in the Torah is the oldest, complete account of the history of the human race.

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