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The last and final step to marrying a Nigerian girl is the church wedding.

Usually invitation cards are printed and given out to all friends and families, folks, business associates and anybody that is in good terms with you should get an invitation, and it is always open to the general public. Critical Thinking: Are Men’s Lives Being Destroyed By Porn And Glamour Models?

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What do you do when she is scared, What do you do when she is crying?

Cry along or hold her hands like a man and tell her all will be well?

We give you more on how to Marry a Nigerian Girl and other mind-blowing facts about Nigerian Girls Dear Dr.

You’ve finally succeeded in asking a Nigerian girl out and you want the first date to be perfect.

Well, while there are several universal tips on how to win a girl over on a first date, some of them might not work when applied on Nigerian girls.

There are so many things women in our lives take cognizance of that we are not aware of. do you stand and watch simply because you think she would go away if you scold her?

A man does what is right because the woman will always blame the man when anything goes wrong irrespective of who caused it, the woman hopes you would be there to guide her steps, or what else do you think is taking responsibility. Effective communication is very vital in any relationship and people from Nigeria speaks English so that is the first tip.

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