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The case I refer to was that of Leopold, King of Portugal, whose family was extinct in the next generation.

To this day the Roman division of the Western portion of the Church has to give a dispensation for this kind of marriage, which proves that it holds such a marriage to be illegal.

Now comes the Anglican division of the Western portion of the Church of Christ.

We hold the same doctrine, gathered from the Word of God.

This commends itself to our reason, if we rightly use it. The code of laws for the kinds of marriage strictly forbidden by God, is given in Leviticus xviii. God says, "None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him—I am the Lord." This, of course, speaks of the man. ) But at once God gives this marriage as forbidden.

Then we say,—as surely cannot but be right, for God starts us with it in the first forbidden union,—that what applies to the man equally applies to the woman in a similar case. 9, which is the last I have mentioned, is surely the marriage forbidden by God, which men desire to make lawful—a thing which a million of Acts of Parliament cannot make lawful, because God says "it is not lawful: I am the Lord." But it may be said, Why put sister for brother in this particular instance?

So we go on down the list, putting the case of the woman in the way God commences. Other forbidden marriages are given in verse 17, and from the whole list many others are forbidden. Well, if we leave brother, it is absurd, for then it would be a woman may not marry her brother’s husband, which is, of course, impossible. It simply must be for the woman, that she cannot marry her sister’s husband.

This, of course, is sufficient to forbid a marriage with a deceased wife's sister.

Now, it is right for us, in the first place, to accept in faith the truth as given by God, and then reason will follow. God distinctly points out a reason for forbidding the marriages He enumerates, laying down in the first of them the same rule to be applied to woman as is applied to man.

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