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Unfortunately, it's almost like a competition to me. If anything, I might have done a total 180 from that.My ex was into me for a long time but then I felt that the chemistry between us was non-existant and I'd actually almost loathe being with her.For me, it's far easier to be friend with a girl who has a boyfriend because the boundaries are already set.

So if you were dating for 2 years it will take approximately 1 year to be fully over them.

Now I'm in my mid-20s, I have more confidence, I'm in shape, etc, but a small part of me still has that fat mentality where sometimes I feel a little inadequate in the dating game so I'm a little more grateful than others when I do date and when I'm in a relationship (I wouldn't say that I'm too grateful, but my lack of dating growing up has probably made me appreciate it that much more when I'm in a relationship. I have been on and off with my first love from like 12 on.... If you ever think about your ex just go slam your dick in a car door. My sister gave me some good advice after my girlfriend dumped me directly after prom. My sister gave me some good advice after my girlfriend dumped me directly after prom. But the truth was I was having a difficult time allowing myself to get attached because I was leaving to attend graduate school before much longer.

We go years without talking then one of us pops into the others life.... So to put it in 'Ask Men terms' I was bit of a challenge.

An absolutely terrible sentence I heard just recently: "D' Mnner liebet's." Old fart that I am, I'd say, "D' Mane hend's grn" (Men like it). It's like the nonsense you sometimes hear when politicians and the like give a speech in Swiss German reading off a paper where it was composed in High German (because Swiss German is written only by youngsters who are trying to hide the fact that they suck at spelling).

There you hear things like "Heruusforderig" (challenge, from Standard German "Herausforderung", but "Useforderig" in decent Swiss German).

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Yep definitely can hear the difference between Swiss German and high German but just don't know how to write them (just so I can make a little sign for my little one to hold while I take a photo and send it to his Dad while he's on his business trip - silly I know but that's me ) Works with really young people.

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  1. Although the custom had no basis in law and frequently resulted in prosecution, particularly from the mid-19th century onwards, the attitude of the authorities was equivocal. take her for his money paid to her deceased husband's creditors, and sell her to another for his wife and "[Lawson said] you may see men selling their wives as men do horses at a fair, a man being allowed not only to change as often as he pleases but likewise to have as many wives as he is able to maintain." According to George Elliott Howard, as published in 1904, "if dissatisfied with his wife, the young Gallinomero of [California] ... Not long afterwards the father was horrified to learn that the plausible scoundrel had sold his wife as a slave.