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The three cousins are unconscious on rolling tables as he pulls their arms out from under the sheets that are covering them and attaches their wrists to overhead hoists.

With all three hooked up, he pushes the button as they are lifted off the table to hang by their wrists nude. Still very nice visuals as they have their ankles secured together with leather straps and all three are tape gagged.

Rape and torture are now part of the battlefield strategy of many conflicts, 'true believers' of all major religions subjugate 'their' women, in parts of the world wives and daughters are sold into bondage/slavery to settle debts.

You have to go back to the time before the monolithic religions when civilizations had women as gods but even then common women were more property than human.

Later he trolleys one away from the other two and lowers her onto a table.

Again very nice visual here as there is water running over her face and body from above. value: I really liked the gloomy feel of the movie as the color palate uses mostly muted earth tones throughout to achieve this feeling.

To paraphrase Sam Peckinpah when asked why he made his movie violence so real...

Unless people know what real violence looks and feels like, things will never change.

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