Dating for the mentaly ill

While my parents were alive, they really did not have any control over the choices that were made for the person that was ill merely by being the parents.

A person with a different type of illness-cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., may also choose to refuse medicine, and we see this be to be unhealthy, too. My prayer life and my family are also very supportive. I got guardianship of my schizophrenic brother after suffering for years of med noncompliance and it changed life for the whole family. The system is broken and will mostly not help you and when it comes to this save yourself the years it will waste and get guardianship now! The hardest part for me was getting the medical certificate from "professionals" treating him.

This has proven to be the most beneficial decision for the family.

I must emphasize, though, how important it is to maintain contact with the caretakers if the person is in a residential setting and always take a proactive initiative. Mental health disease robs us of the future our loved ones may have had but we must help to protect their future for the sake of their future health and safety, ours and others.

He has disability, housing, food stamps, a free cell phone, a visiting nurse who comes every night to make sure he takes medicine and check on him, a great doctor and a therapist!

Emotionally it is difficult but not caring for them this way would have been morally wrong of me. There does not seem to be a cure but maintenance must be established.

My brother's illness has drained our family savings and we no longer have the resources. Thank you, Dexie Anonymous Caregiver, I also would like to know the steps you took to get there.

I have an 18 yr old son who is severely delusional and the docs want to set him out to a homeless shelter.

These illnesses do not result, however, in outcomes which have the potential to cause disastrous harm to themselves or other people, which, thankfully our family has avoided. No one wants to stick their neck out and its messed up.

Do whatever it takes including lying if/when you have to. He should be associated with the dept of mental health, have a social worker and a prescriber, in home care if he lives on his own and stable housing.

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I started with the basics before getting guardianship. Get him used to having you around and do what you have to to take care of him.

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