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A few years ago I went into one voluntarily while Geoff went away. Each individual care package should be based on a person’s specific needs, not restricted by spreadsheets.” In response to the accusations, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners Julie Wood said: “When making assessments for NHS continuing healthcare the focus for CCGs will be on making sure they are meeting an individual’s needs and as far as possible their choices.

This is exactly what disabled people were fighting against in the seventies and eighties.” Jean Almond, 66, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and receives NHS Continuing Healthcare to live at home.

She also relies on additional support from her husband Geoff.

But the EHRC said the new funding caps, which have been rolled out in at least 44 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the UK, set an upper limit on the provision of care in a person’s home, which for many is not sufficient to meet their care needs.

many disabled people are already receiving threats from CCGs that if they cannot live on the newly capped funding for their home care, they will have to be moved to a residential setting – a threat that for some is “petrifying”.

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