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Ever since I wrote this post about Five things to keep in mind for first-time visitors in Iceland, where I touched on the subject of showering naked before entering Icelandic swimming pools, I’ve received a lot of e-mails from confused people that don’t quite understand the swimming pool protocols.

I’ve got questions about whether the locker rooms are co-ed, whether we swim naked and whether it’s really true that you need to shower in the buff.

I’m also a little concerned that since you’ve sent invitations out to your destination wedding without specifying that kids weren’t invited, there may be some families who just assume they and don’t bother to double check with you.

Of course, you know your friends better than I, who doesn’t know them at all, so maybe you know you don’t have reason to worry about that.

I just received a response card from a couple who replied that, yes, they would come but, “We may have to bring the girls if that’s okay.” The girls are a newborn (wife is pregnant now, will be giving birth a couple of months before the wedding) and a toddler.

I would have told you to consider one of two options: provide babysitters for your guests with kids (one babysitter for every 3-5 children), or include a list of local babysitters/babysitting services in the invitations to parents of children.There’s going to be lots of drinking, dancing, a pool and an after-party that goes til the wee hours in the morning — not the best place for young kids!When we sent out the invites, we specifically addressed the invites to Mr. I haven’t had any problems/questions from any couples with children, except one.Esdl7Gr Wv1ef VKNf6ECRaypp Vw T2i VRg' class="img-carousel img-fluid img-responsive" title="Brand Awareness" alt="Brand Awareness"/ 1025: Zcuh Ed7bkbqmgx Pt Ord3ULVMFXxc5pa' class="img-carousel img-fluid img-responsive" title="Our Job Front" alt="Our Job Front"/ 1025: Page image OUR MISSION new 1.jpg?

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