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The figurative flames whisper that in addition to the simple function of every davar in the word, there lies a deeper meaning that points to God for those like Abraham who had the eyes to see it.

It is no wonder that we commemorate Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai with fire.

That energy is the metaphor for the dibur - the message embedded in everything in the world.

Not surprisingly, Rabbi Shimon gave us the Zohar, the book of the mystical inner meaning that belies everything.

The ancient, the mystical and the spiritual have applications in modern times.

To Abraham, everything in the world expressed a deeper meaning, intelligent design and a Designer who continues to guide his creation. The flames, however, were not the fire of destruction.

Instead, they represented the hidden energy in the mansion of the world, the inner message, the dibur, that points to the greatness of the Creator who could form such a place.

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Abraham's discovery is expressed through a metaphor that sheds light on the deeper meaning of fire.

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