Dating ancient objects

Based on the knowledge we do have, this mechanism shouldn’t even exist.According to Professor Michael Edmunds of Cardiff University, who led the team studying the mechanism:“This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind.At least that’s what Tsun Um Nui, the Chinese researcher in charge of the Dropa stones concluded.While his announcement startled the world at first, he was subsequently ridiculed by most of the scientific community, and he went on a self-imposed exile in Japan.The level of sophistication utilized by the device has forced scientists to accept that their perceptions of ancient Greek engineering may be faulty.Nothing similar to this exists or is mentioned in any known writings from the period of its creation.They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open with a hammer and a chisel.

The complexity and workmanship did not appear again in Europe until the development of mechanical astronomical clocks in the fourteenth century … Chi Pu Tei into the Baian-Kara-Ula in China made an astonishing discovery.

The hammer is now an exhibit in the so-called Creation Evidence Museum, which is also kind of unfortunate, because curators don’t allow scientific tests on the London Hammer.

The Antikythera mechanism has been labeled the first mechanical computer.

The hammer’s head, made of more than 96% iron, is far more pure than anything nature could have achieved without an assist from technology.

Pictures from here, copyright David Lines However, there is significant reason to question the initial dating — and just because the hammer was encased in old rocks doesn’t mean that it itself is as old as the rocks.

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