Dating an awkward guy

And try to avoid cliches, like "Our friendship just means too much to me to date you." That doesn't come off as genuine - it just comes off as lame.

Just say, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested." Source: Shutter Stock Instead of saying, "Our friendship means too much to me to date," say something like, "I'm not interested in dating you, but I do love being your friend." It's much more honest.

Stress the friendship by saying something like, "You're a really great friend, I just can't see us dating." Don't go too heavy on the compliments, because it will end up sounding weird.

Source: Shutter Stock Once you reject him, things are most likely going to be a little awkward.

If I knew that was coming, I wouldn’t have put my seatbelt on so fast.” We’re going out again. It's hard, but think about it: how would YOU rather be rejected?Personally, I would rather be rejected by someone with enough respect for me to tell it to me straight.Full disclosure: I can be pretty awkward sometimes. Most of the times I can mask it, but there’s one area where I usually can’t get around it, and that’s on a date.Combine my awkwardness with an equally awkward dude, and you pretty much have a perfect storm for a disaster date.

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