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Shortly after I was pinned with the PD diagnosis, I got another one from a psychiatrist. But often I have to ask how other people would feel in a given situation for me to be able to understand how I'm feeling. There are certain topics that I just cannot comprehend or contribute to. The alienation drives me to things that make sense to me, like growing and learning about plants and arts and crafts. I might feel bored, but I have never desired the company of others.

Alexithymia, which means you have a hard time putting words to emotions. I also cannot remember ever missing anyone for an emotional reason.

Many schizophrenics are described as having had schizoid characters before developing the disease, but most schizoids do not develop schizophrenia.

In my case, I would not be surprised if I have an elevated risk.

shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affect B.

There is a very low but significant relationship between schizophrenia and schizoid PD.But people still say the "I'm worried about you" stuff. But otherwise she was understanding and said that as long as I was happy, she was happy.I don't know if I'm happy, because every time I think the depression thing has gone away it comes back, but I've made peace with schizoid PD.The only time I remember wishing my workaholic mother was home instead of at a conference was when I needed help with my homework. You don't have psychotics breaks or "episodes", right? When someone has a problem that I can emphathize with, I also like that because I often feel so unempathetic in real life. I have shared just about every social trial and tribulation that I've dealt with for the past eight years here on the Dope because I don't have real life friends that I can unload on. In real life, conversations are much different than on the internet.But I don't recall ever hungering for her presence. How do you get along at work and with the rest of your family besides your sister? In real life, you don't have time to consider what you want to say and formulate your thoughts so that you can speak intelligently.

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