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In combination with aluminum, fluoride interferes with G-proteins (Bigay 1985, 1987).Such interactions give aluminum-fluoride complexes the potential to interfere with signals from growth factors, hormones and neurotransmitters (Strunecka & Patocka 1999; Li 2003).

Since the purported benefit of fluoride is topical, and the risks are systemic, it makes more sense to deliver the fluoride directly to the tooth in the form of toothpaste.

All other water treatment chemicals are added to improve the water’s quality or safety, which fluoride does not do. Informed consent is standard practice for all medication, and one of the key reasons why most of Western Europe has ruled against fluoridation.

With water fluoridation we are allowing governments to do to whole communities (forcing people to take a medicine irrespective of their consent) what individual doctors cannot do to individual patients.

10) There has never been a single randomized controlled trial to demonstrate fluoridation’s effectiveness or safety.

Despite the fact that fluoride has been added to community water supplies for over 60 years, “there have been no randomized trials of water fluoridation” (Cheng 2007).

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