Constructing and validating subscales

Through development of a schema of supervisor competency, increased attention may be devoted to competence evaluation, supervisee and supervisor development, and support of the supervisor’s skills, all of which will benefit the supervisees.There is evidence that there are few differences in concepts, attitudes, or practice between psychologists and other mental health professionals (Kavanagh, Spence, Strong, Wilson, Sturk, & Crow, 2003).To understand this complexity, one needs to consider the breadth of each domain, and then the interactions among them, the resultant worldviews of each and the impact of these on assessment, intervention, and supervision.For the client/family, there is the reason for coming to therapy, often precipitated by a traumatic or painful event, revelation, or disclosure.ASPPB (2013), American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs (APA, 2014), and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) have developed supervision guidelines and best practices for supervision.

Individuals beginning to supervise require knowledge of the latest information and standards comprising best practices.

This process used to be informal and occurred essentially through osmosis.

Osmosis refers to the supervisor simply doing either what had been done to him or her as a supervisee or doing something different to prevent harm.

We now realize the need for a formal process as the fields have evolved and supervision has become a core competency in mental health.

Supervision requires the supervisor to assess and evaluate levels of supervisee readiness, competence, and affect, reflect upon these in the supervisor oneself, and to weave a tapestry of thought and feeling which translates into effective clinical intervention.

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Social workers should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval.

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