Considating credit cards

Online Lender: With bad credit, you pay .58 more per monthly payment and ,974.69 more over the life of the loan (20.1% more). Anne starting using credit in college to pay for books and expenses.

She graduated with a small balance on two cards: 00.

Then Anne discovered In Charge’s debt consolidation alternative.

With In Charge’s debt consolidation alternative, Anne was able to consolidate all of her payments into one convenient monthly payment, without taking out a new loan.

In Charge was also able to help Anne get lower interest rates on 7 of her 9 cards, meaning more of her payment each month would go to pay off the balance, than to interest.

Ever feel like you are juggling too many payments with too many due dates?

With In Charge’s debt management plan, you can schedule the exact day of the month that your single debit pays all of your debts.

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