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But before the Reformation, Glasgow Cathedral was the Roman Catholic so-called ‘mother church’ of the Archdiocese of Glasgow. In other words, it was pretty important for the garbed members of society. Call the title something akin to an honorary degree, a homage to its celebrated past. When someone first asked me where the High Kirk of Glasgow was, I looked at them with a befuddled expression and sincere confusion. Glasgow Cathedral isn’t In other words, it’s still an active part of the Christian community in Glasgow. Well, it all has to do with the Scottish Reformation.The congregation is part of the Presbytery of Glasgow – in other words, part of the Church of Scotland. You won’t find a Catholic anywhere near this ‘cathedral’ – find out why below. When those pesky reformers decided that the man in the robe (aka the Pope) didn’t have the authority he claimed, they decided to stir up a bit of trouble. That’s Talk about making things a little confusing for the average tourist.As well as matching you with potential partners, it gives a real insight into how you behave in relationships, and what really makes relationships work. When using the site, members can only communicate through Parship’s anonymous contact and messaging system.At all points, you choose whether you supply another member with further personal details.Yet it’s not all so easy-going here, especially for Scottish singles.The vast majority of Scottish singles are industrious folk; juggling busy work-life balances with a desire to find someone special is no mean feat.

It’s free and may be just what you need to start you off in your quest for that special someone.

Once you suffer from this problem, it would haunt you throughout your trip.

You would just stay in your hotel room and cancel all your plans. [Read More...] The patron saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo, is said to be buried here – at least, that’s what folklore tells us.

For a country small in size, Scotland more than compensates with its vast natural beauty, distinct culture and world-leading gastronomy. And if you’re looking for a Scottish dating site that helps you find the best of them, look no further.

The clichéd image of Scottish life might look rosy; enjoying the outdoors, dancing up a storm at ceilidhs and topping it all off with a dram or two of local whisky.

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