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While their basic humanity deserves respect, their destructive behavior definitely does NOT. I witnessed Norman take a hat and felt tip from a kid who was seeking his autograph. The little kid, about ten years just stood there stunned, while the crowd scrambled for the souvenir.I tend to agree with the poster who said wait until Norman hits his mid-life crisis. Norman signed the bill of the kid's cap, flung it over the crowd. John Daly and Jack Nicklaus, who were with Norman for the pratice round threesome, witnessed the event.My thing is, if they had to do it, they could be a whole lot more discreet about it.Chrissy will just be another notch on Greg's 'driver' when he finally reaches his mid-life crisis (andropause), and is in need of a teenager to help him regain his manhood. If you can't keep your first relationship/love on track .makes you think the next one will work! You don't have to think relationships out very carefully when you have money. I wander if Chris caught up with her old rival Evonne Goolagong Cawley up in Queensland.Norman recently bought a -million mansion near Evert’s home in Boca Raton, Fla., and following his recent expensive divorce, will likely continue on his career path of occasionally golfing while making millions of dollars every moment or so in one of his many businesses.For her part, Evert will continue to wonder around, slathered in sun block with that ever-present look of grim determination on her face.

Norman, who took time enough off of his heavy schedule of stockpiling money last year to divorce his wife, is 51 and grandson of HBO’s Cryptkeepeer.

THey were certainly Tennis two pi-up girl superstars in their day Andy and his wonderful family supported him, one of the past and current skier greats.

He is a friend, always anexcellent athlete, loves his boys and yes he skiis like an eagle..

Da Shark will soon have a limp fin, and then it's bye bye Chrissy ... I wonder if they checked the statistics on second/ third progressive marraiges working. The chemicals of lust must be clouding their brains. As an avid golfer for over 40 yrs, I admired Greg Norman. Professional baseball is forever tarnished, basketball players attacking fans, football players involved with dog fighting, drugs and shootings,pro ice skaters attacking their opponents, what next... Evonne certainly seems to have the 'wood' on her old rival in the marriage stakes.....

I would love to see a photo of Evonne and Chrissie together again at some big function.....

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