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Go Go bars have changed a lot over the past 15 years.Back in the 80's almost all Go Go bar girls went nakid, but since the crackdown by the government probably over pressure from NGO's and the US government, Go GO bars are now all strickly clothes only with big fines and bribes in place if you are caught out.As the nightlife and tourist numbers continue to grow in Chiang Mai you'll expect to see this sort of stuff more frequently so it's best to avoid such a place and go to some of the more interesting bars around town run by ethical people.So why am I so optimistic about future of the nightlife in Chiang Mai?In 1984 Thai authorities were alerted to the discovery of a number of ancient tablets found under Wat Chang Kam just 5km south east of the Chiang Mai metropolitan area.Archaeologists quickly moved in and uncovered the remains of the ancient lost city of Wiang Kum Kam.It's very relaxed not crowded and has 2 shows on per night.

In fact Chiang Mai tries it's best to display a family oriented picture so that more families are drawn to Chiang Mai, but still you do have over 20,000 expats living here most of them older men so of course there are places like Go Go bars you can seek for entertainment.According to history King Mangrai relocated the capital of the Lanna Kingdom from Chiang Rai to the old city of Wiang Kum Kam on the banks of the Ping River in 1288.Whilst the new riverside location offered many advantages, the area was low-lying and prone to severe seasonal flooding.By 1296, King Mangrai had chosen a new site for his capital on the higher opposite bank of the Ping River and declared the newly constructed city of Chiang Mai as the capital of the Lanna kingdom.Years of flooding thereafter left Wiang Kum Kam buried metres underground.

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The lady's drinks however are 200 baht each and can get quite expensive.

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