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But I did do it, more and more often and it stopped revolting me and began to genuinely appeal rather than just be a novelty. She's no GILF like, say, Joan Collins just a plain old granny - a bit stooped, a little shorter than she used to be and of slight build, quite frail from arthritis, with swollen ankles lots of the time, shortish grey hair and of course wrinkles.

Anyway, in the months after Dad died I even found myself occasionally talking with her in all sorts of very mildly flirtatious ways - how I'd found her attractive when I was going through puberty (an utter lie as you now know) and how I'd then (as a child) tried to spy on her naked (I hadn't - well, I did try just once and failed - to my subsequent relief at the time! " -she did know what I meant, as I've said, we can talk like that).Yet about 6 months after my Dad died (by then she was 65 and I was 40, married with kids ) when I got bored of the usual wanking subjects (women at work, my mother in law, friends and so on) I found myself occasionally fantasising about having sex with her.I would masturbate about her, ignoring the revulsion (and it was still revolting to me) just to have something different to climax about; I'd enjoy the orgasm but then feel wholly revolted with myself again afterwards (typical man, shoot and lose interest), thinking I'd never do it again.These revelations happened a few times and she would take it all in a totally-matter-of-fact way, not raising an eyebrow, just making motherly noises like "I expect most boys go through that." and so on (I bet they don't! I wasn't surprised by her relaxed attitude but I don't really know what I'd hoped to achieve by saying any of this to her - probably nothing, just pushing the boundaries as it were, finding limits.Nothing came of it - I hadn't expected anything to.

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I schemed for ages but, in a nutshell, I decided I could probably ask Mum for a topless photo - nothing sultry or erotic, no fancy clothing, just stripped to the waist, boobs out, almost like a medical examination and a simple picture which I could then wank over 'til my heart was content and, of course, share with those I'd become familiar with on the web who have similar passions - there aren't many, at least not many who're prepared to admit it!

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