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This is one of the best times to perform the corrective exercises in my Powerful Mobility ebook that’s on Amazon.Speaking of corrective exercise, if you’re a trainer, coach or therapist that wants to enhance your skillset and income stream by becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, check out my 10-week course at this link.If you are a surviving family member, please know that you are in our prayers and our hearts overflow with gratitude for your loved one.As you program a strength and conditioning plan to prepare an athlete for competition or sport, it’s imperative to know the three types of strength preparation.Sprint is a telecommunications company with a huge corporate headquarters in Kansas.

In other words, your athlete can train the deadlift, single-leg squat, and skating drills wearing a weighted vest in the same phase.

When it comes to sharing information about strength preparation, that’s part of the confusion. Imagine you’re working with a teenager that shows promise as a running back.

My goal of this brief overview is to make the topic of strength preparation as simple as possible by dividing it into three types. The problem is, he’s pretty skinny and weak overall.

When GPP is done correctly, such as the programs in my Huge in a Hurry book, it makes a guy or gal a better overall athlete, which carries over to virtually any sport.

So if the kid in question decided to forego his aspirations of being a running back, and switch to another position or sport, his body would be prepared to meet those physical demands.

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In the “SPP1” phase, you decrease the volume and intensity of the deadlift to build the single-leg squat.

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