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The foundation stone was laid by Governor Sir Lowry Cole on St.George's day 23 April 1830 and at the same time Erste Berg Dwars Street was renamed St. The church was built from drawings by the architect John Skirrow In 1847, Robert Gray was ordained bishop of the newly created Diocese of Cape Town and he installed his cathedra (throne) in the church, by which act it became a cathedral even though it was only a modest parish church.Exciting and modern, perfect for dating, friendship or just chatting.Cape Town Escort Club is simple and straightforward.This gives the site Grade II status and provides the site with protection under South African heritage law.The cathedral is renowned for the political stance it took during apartheid and is recognised as a strong symbol for democracy in South Africa.The transept was completed in 1936 which finally made Sir Herbert Baker's design a reality.

It was a common meeting point for all activists of all races as well as woman’s rights groups who were part the resistance to apartheid laws and the struggle for social justice, equality and human rights.Two old brass plaques on the walls in the bell tower indicate the existence of an active guild of bellringers in the early 1900s.When the original cathedral was demolished in the 1950s (see History) the bells were stored until a generous bequest by Mrs S K M Smith allowed them to be sent back to Mears & Stainbank where they were recast in 1963 into the ring of ten bells that we have today.The bells made the return journey to Cape Town only to languish in the cathedral car park for some time.Eventually they were hung in a new steel frame - still on the ground outside the cathedral.

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Paradoxically, this is the only visible instance of these letters which are chiselled on the inward-facing surface of each and every stone in the cathedral, a custom dating from ancient times.

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