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We examined samples from eight Cretaceous dinosaur bones using nano-analytical techniques; the bones are not exceptionally preserved...

We employed antibodies raised against avian feathers, which comprise almost entirely of beta-keratin, to demonstrate that fossil tissues respond with the same specificity, though less intensity, as those from living birds. Our data, obtained using electron microscopy and in situ immunofluorescence, support the preservation of original proteinaceous claw material in this approximately 75 million- year-old oviraptorid dinosaur, [RSR Note: While not all published dinosaur soft tissue researchers are old-earth evolutionists, not surprisingly, the majority are.

As you view the exciting scientific discoveries below in this chronological catalog, please feel free to listen to Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart observe their annual tradition of presenting dinosaur soft tissue and other amazing discoveries including short-lived left-handed amino acids, DNA, and Carbon 14, all in bones and other specimens from dinosaur-layer Mesozoic and even deeper strata.

* David Rives on Soft Tissue: RSR friend David Rives explains the observational science that falsifies the possibility that these specimens can be millions of years old.

* i DINO and Anderson on RSR: See the CRS i DINO project at the Creation Research Society webpage, and hear Dr.

Kevin Anderson on RSR discussing findings in molecular biology.

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For example in their conclusion they write about their specimens as, "dinosaur vessels", that their research provides "robust support to the identification of these...

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