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Amusing does not mean making fun of them or what they like or want. If you do not take time to learn a little about them through their words, then you show them no respect, thus, rejection.

Stick to those three things and you will attract plenty of attention!This works as an introduction, to let people know that you have recently joined and to give them a chance to check out your profile.It might seem a little scary, sending out a message to a group of people, but it doesn’t have to be.Take the time and learn exactly what they are about and what they maythink they like. They like someone over 6' and you are 5'8"---Why would you write to that person? They want someone under 40- You are 55, but you don't look over 52 so they won't care that you are 55? " usually gets them on the defensive and always garners an answer.Well, hopefully you can fool them for at least 3 emails. A dopey grin, but only when they look at you seems to work too..wonder what you're thinking.

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