Boundaries for dating teenagers

Contrary to what most moms and dads think, teens really do want rules.Rules help keep them headed in the right direction and prevent them from ending up in a place that they don't want to be.For instance, "respect" would also cover issues like theft, honesty, caring for others, taking care of one's belongings, etc.

That's a job best developed by the whole family, so they feel as though they have contributed.When coupled with consequences, they help the teen more easily resist temptation and the inappropriate scheming of their peers.Having a good reason to say "No" comes as a relief to a teen raised to know basic moral values.But another typical boundary, "We will avoid illegal activities," is a lifelong boundary.It never changes, other than according to changes in the current laws.

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How to Establish Boundaries SEE ALSO: 5 Things to Do When You Know Your Teen is Lying Parents can begin to establish boundaries by picking their top ten or fifteen deeply held beliefs and then identifying boundaries for each.

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