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RE150 CUBE 3 Studio / JLM Engineering / Wozny Barbar / CDP / Callahan RE150 is a 282-unit new-construction luxury apartment complex along the Mystic River in Medford, MA.

Consisting of four story construction over podium parking garage RE150 includes 18,200 SF of ground floor retail and restaurant spaces, as well as plenty of vehicle parking.

The 100% open office plan including 14 conference rooms, 1 large training room, 27 team rooms and informal gathering spaces allows for non-disruptive group meetings.

A “main street” on the first floor tells the story of Bioverativ and showcases the science transforming the lives of people with rare diseases and blood disorders. HEADQUARTERS ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROJECT JLL in Partnership with Dunkin Brands / Matt Straiti / EG Sawyer / EMA / Jake Tancrede Beginning in 2016 and into 2017 the JLL/BTE team at Dunkin Brands began working with our building controls vendor to retrofit the existing Carrier RTUs with new Johnson Controls controller boards.

With the goal of dedicating valuable real estate near the heart of the campus available for undergraduate academic pursuits, Brown relocated more than 400 employees from 20 administrative departments in 11 locations scattered across College Hill to iconic South Street Landing in the Jewelry District.

This 0 million, 265,000-square-foot redevelopment project turned a century-old, long-abandoned power station into a truly unique spec administration building, where Brown is the anchor tenant with 136,000 square feet. Packard Design / Packard Design / Mc Namara Salvia / WB Engineers / Northstar Project Management / Environments At Work / Haworth / Delorey Interiors / Lam Partners / J.

By integrating the design, development, and construction teams, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) enables them to complete projects on schedule and under budget. This feedback led to the development of our concept: “Ralph Lauren Meets Modern Industrial.” BOSTON ART INC. / Elkus Manfredi / Estelle Custom Furniture / Elaine Construction This past year, Boston Art and their team embarked on the relocation and remodeling of our office and gallery space.

The bold and innovative design offers highly flexible and efficient research space in concert with a unique array of on-site amenities including indoor bike storage with fixing stations, showers, manicured patios, courtyards, and a Bocce court.Now complete, this 178,000 square foot project consolidates multiple locations to one site, bringing together corporate leadership, design, engineering, administration, and showroom spaces under one roof for the first time.The new headquarters for Shark Ninja clearly, boldly, and visibly tells the story of the company.Geared towards young professionals, RE150 offers a quiet oasis from the hustle and bustle of Boston with all the proximity and close connection they could want.SHARKNINJA HEADQUARTERS Sasaki / SMMA / KPD Advisors / Officeworks / LAM Partners / Lee Kennedy / Colburn & Guyette / Unison Acoustics The team was engaged by Shark Ninja (formerly Euro Pro) to reimagine their headquarters in a new location in Needham, Massachusetts.

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