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You add the "Install - " prefix for typical application installations that run a setup installer of some kind, and you use the "Configure - " prefix when an application configures a setting in the operating system.

You also add an " - x86", " - x64", or "- x86-x64" suffix to indicate the application's architecture (some applications have installers for both architectures).

The first application is added using the UI, but because MDT supports Windows Power Shell, you add the other applications using Windows Power Shell. In the volume license versions of Office 2013, there is an Office Customization Tool you can use to customize the Office installation.MDT01, HV01, and PC0001 are members of the domain for the fictitious Contoso Corporation. However, the reference image is created on a virtual platform, before being automatically run through the System Preparation (Sysprep) tool process and captured to a Windows Imaging (WIM) file.The reasons for creating the reference image on a virtual platform are the following: With Windows 10, there is no hard requirement to create reference images; however, to reduce the time needed for deployment, you may want to create a reference image that contains a few base applications as well as all of the latest updates.MDT supports adding both full source Windows 10 DVDs (ISOs) and custom images that you have created.In this case, you create a reference image, so you add the full source setup files from Microsoft. OTE]Due to the Windows limits on path length, we are purposely keeping the operating system destination directory short, using the folder name W10EX64RTM rather than a more descriptive name like Windows 10 Enterprise x64 RTM. The imported Windows 10 operating system after renaming it.

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