Bios updating error code 144

I think it's because the laptop thinks it's running from what is essentially a dead battery, even though it's actually running from the AC adaptor (obviously) and as a consequence, it limits current drain and kills the backlight. Disconnect the battery Plug in AC adapter and boot Vista Load Bios A12 from Win Phlash No error code !! Re-Boot and it now charges the battery and see`s the AC adapter! Never thought to check for 3rd party battery installed & not charging.

It's as though it ignores the more than adequate juice coming from the adaptor, and just goes by the battery, behaving as though it's running from a low battery.

It's not a battery issue as this is the 2nd battery I've tried. hopefully a new battery will charge w/ updated bios. When the new battery was inserted and still had charge, the screen was bright and didn't go off. It seems that the screen problem only happens if it's running from adaptor without a charged battery in. I found this site while googling for a fix for the -144 error while using Win Flash in xp to update clients old Dell Vostro 1000 BIOS from 2.5.2 to 2.6.3 b4 upgrading to Win7. This weekend when I installed it I discovered that I needed to upgrade my BIOS as the one I had did not fully support AHCI mode.I haven’t had any need to upgrade the BIOS earlier so the BIOS version (01.02) was two years old.

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