Best online dating tactics

You can’t just sign-up, wing it, and expect to find love. That includes determining which dating site gives you the best chance to meet a decent woman, create a profile that appeals to the masses, write emails that catch a woman’s attention, converse effectively through IM’s and texts, select a place to take her out on a date, and then impress her on the date so she’ll want another one.Before you can implement any specific strategy for impressing women, you must choose a dating site.Our top strategy: maximizing your chances to date by using multiple dating websites.The best way to get a lot of dates is to work multiple singles dating sites with the same profile and strategy. Being different: why standing out of the crowd is important.

You need to think of online dating as a strategy game.If you want to meet great people worth meeting, you need to stand out of the crowd.This section discusses one of our strongest tactics: coming off as different when compared to everyone else online.Even better, if you can swing the cash for it, pick two dating sites.The more sites you are signed up for, the better your chances for meeting someone are.

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