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There are some features that may help you identify a fake website to meet cougars.

Below are some of them that you should be on the lookout for: Fake profiles Many fake websites claiming to help young men find matching cougars are very active in regards to making fake profiles.

They also record a much low success rate compared to paid sites where you can meet cougars.

Rate of success When joining a cougar website, it is very important that you get some assurance that you will succeed in the venture.

Some sites even specifically offer dating services only in specified cities.

As much as this can be helpful, it comes at the cost of having to navigate hundreds of scams.

Number of cougars/cubs A bigger cougar to cub ratio offers a variety of options and also increases the chances of finding the right match.

However, more cubs hosted on a certain website encourages competition and invites potential cougars to the site.

If a website appears in more than three reviews and ranked lists, it is definitely worth a try.

The best approach is to pick 3 top sites that appear in more than 3 reviews. Experience and legitimacy It is rather unfortunate that more than half of all sites on where to date cougars are not to be trusted.

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