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He was ready to throw his prior plan out the window and enjoy an evening of a home cooked meal with a beautiful girl, (and maybe continue where they left off). Beck though, Andre and Robbie were not aware of the change in plans and were going to go ahead with the original idea and make a fool out of Trina. Why would you want to date a Canadian that doesn't know one food bird from another? A Major fight ensuew with all three of the boys involved until Andre gets Robbie down on the other side of the Island away from Trina's view.

Trina was a tiny piece of nylon from being totally exposed to Beck, and in a second her panties were gone and Beck's tongue had found its way inside her.Trina's love life had not been the greatest at Hollywood Arts.True, she was a striking brunette with long shapely legs, a pretty face and very large breasts, but she also had an ego that was bigger than she was.Beck, continued watching, as the dance finished, with Trina botching the final sequence. Trina began to respond, and as she wriggled closer to Beck, he felt her large soft breasts pressing against his chest.He almost chuckled, until Trina bent over to pick up her bag and her shorts tightened across her amazing ass. (Beck now was holding both of her hands, Trina was sinking fast! The plan did not call for Beck pulling Trina's blouse up and over her head and tossing it on the floor, nor did it call for him releasing the catch on her bra and discarding it, leaving her massive breasts free and loose, nipples hard and erect.

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There is one thing for sure when you have a group of talented entertainers together in one place; rumors are easy to get started.

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