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Female masculinity is not merely a perverse supplement to dominant configurations of gender; rather, masculinity itself cannot be fully understood unless female masculinity is taken into account.

Female masculinity has played a crucial but unrecognized role in the emergence of contemporary formations of the masculine.

The Discalced Carmelites and the Jesuits have availed themselves of this privilege with restrictions (cf. These four orders are called by canonists the quatuor ordines mendicantes de iure communi. In canon xxiii, the council, while specially exempting the four mendicant orders above mentioned, condemns all other mendicant orders then existing to immediate or to gradual extinction.

All orders established since the Council of Lateran, and not approved by the Holy See, were to be dissolved at once. The importance of the orders thus singled out and exempted was afterwards still further emphasized by the insertion of this canon into the "Corpus Juri" in the "Liber Sixtus" of Boniface VIII .Aboim, Sofia - University of Lisbon, Portugal [2016] Plural masculinities: the remaking of the self in private life London / New York: Routledge.February 28, 2010 A contemporary portrait of the plural dynamics and forms of masculinity, emphasizing the multiple, even contradictory, pathways through which men are remaking their identities. A friar is a member of one of the mendicant orders. 1325, "freres of the Carme and of Saint Austin" (Pol. His vow of poverty binds him strictly as an individual but in no way affects the right of tenure of his order. fret ; unlike the other Romance languages French has but the one word frère for friar and brother]. For the monk retirement and solitude are undisturbed by the public ministry, unless under exceptional circumstances.

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It uncovers gaps in their representation of men, masculinities and/or male sexualities, and exposes areas of contradiction and anxiety for men, areas which the texts are frequently at pains to ignore, smooth over or silence. This book offers an introduction to the developing pro-feminist field of critical masculinities studies.

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