Are courtney and austin from the biggest loser dating

She wants to delve into his rogue eating habits, evidenced by the footage last week of him eating a bag of chips in his room.

He suggests that he sees the treats as a reward for doing well in the gym and while Jillian can understand his logic, she points out that there are other ways to reward yourself. I need to give myself a reward or a treat to pull back or get away." Jillian encourages him to look at the bigger picture, saying that a reward could be winning the show or living until he is 100.

Ken worries that he's now putting pressure on teammates Austin and Kaylee.

Over in the gym, Bob is working out his Blue Team and Hannah and Jay from the Black Team while Jillian takes Rulon to one side for a talk.

As well, for the first time in The Biggest Loser history, a couple has made the finale together.

And, for the first time in The Biggest Loser history, all 3 finalists are women.

"Probably the bigger problem is every week it gets tiring and hard," says Rulon. She decides to teach him about how to consume the temptations he will face in the real world in a healthy way.

The pair return to the gym where Jay and Hannah admit nerves over telling Jillian about the Hollywood prize. You will make me burst a blood vessel in my eyeball!

She admits feeling pressure to ensure the survival of the Red Team, adding that she is "sick" of being stuck on a plateau when it comes to weight loss.

This season is the second, after Pay It Forward, to be filmed in high definition.

This season marks the first time in USA Biggest Loser history that a contestant left the show by choice.

Brett thinks they have to alter her burn and calorie count to ensure maximum results.

Courtney later suggests that working with one trainer could be a benefit because she can focus purely on herself rather than teammates.

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Their instincts prove to be right because the trainer isn't happy: "That's not a prize! " Olivia predicts a brutal workout the next day, saying: "She is going to beat us, kill us and then beat us again some more for leaving campus!

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