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It was a Saturday morning and her mother had spent the night at a friendt around much these days. Shannon located the program online and clicked to download.

As the program began to load, a series of frantic barking came from outside. Brutus and Sulla were running frantically back and forth along the, barely standing chain link fence.

Her feet were comfortably snuggled into fuzzy slippers. Tracy chatted with her on the instant messenger, chatting about another Facebook game. She told Shannon of another chat program, one that had chat rooms dedicated to the latest game that Tracy was engaged in.

Two years passed and her curiosity turned into an addiction to porn, a daily ritual of surfing for the best photos and masturbating herself to satisfaction.

Her breast ripened on her chest, going from small Bs to small C cups.

Shannon felt that familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She stood in front of the window, watching Brutus taking his turn.

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