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It has since become a relatively stable unitary presidential republic.Angola has vast mineral and petroleum reserves, and its economy is among the fastest-growing in the world, especially since the end of the civil war; however the standard of living remains low for most of the population, and life expectancy in Angola is among the lowest in the world, while infant mortality is among the highest.Angola is a member state of the United Nations, OPEC, African Union, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, and the Southern African Development Community.A highly multiethnic country, Angola's 25.8 million people span tribal groups, customs, and now encrypted, except for our Electronic Reading Room, to assure visitor confidentiality.

Between them, more than half a million Angolans died, but this date belonged to a couple of unrepresentative Anglos.

The exclave province of Cabinda borders the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although inhabited since the Paleolithic Era, what is now Angola was molded by Portuguese colonisation.

It began with, and was for centuries limited to, coastal settlements and trading posts established starting in the 16th century.

In all, West Feliciana Sheriff's officers have arrested four Angola employees, while prison officials fired another employee and placed another on administrative leave since Saturday.

Corrections Secretary Jimmy Le Blanc said part of the problem is the inability to attract better guards because of low pay.

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