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While Princess Charlotte and other young members of the Royal family will likely be included, Meghan is expected to invite friends of hers to be bridesmaids as well. Kate Middleton will probably not be one of those adult bridesmaids, according to the Daily Express.

American brides tend to have more over-the-top, eye-catching floral arrangements in hand on their wedding day and there's a good chance Meghan Markle might go that route.Female Royal wedding guests must wear hats This tradition has been in practice for quite some time.Fans of Duchess Kate have become especially fond of watching to see what hat she opts for during special events like weddings and her children's christenings.However, there's some speculation among fans that the former actress and her beau will write their own vows.There are vows traditionally recited at Royal weddings, which Meghan, 36, and Prince Harry will surely say as well.

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