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USPS received it at 10.29 (Monday) I spoke to an agent at Amazon he said he was sorry & it would be delivered tomorrow (Tuesday) Never happened, in fact one post office sent it to my Po box location!!! I am a Prime member & because of your incompetent service I still do not have my shipment.

Your customer service (don’t make me laugh) do not do what they should do, they evade questions completely & lie.

Today, the company operates several divisions worldwide, including Fed Ex Ground, Fed Ex Express and Fed Ex Freight. I feel that a little prodding from you might help to get this issue resolved, since I am certain that my unfortunate experience is not in alignment with your reputation or mission statement, which I know is of high caliber.

I worked for DHL for some time & what’s going on here is nothing like the service you are supposed to give!

Reply I am a former driver for Fed Ex Ground…and before I continue I am hoping someone from Fed Ex sees this and contacts me asap.

besides UPS, Giant, Safeway , Amazon, Value City Furniture, U. The driver can call me at 443-531-XXXX Thank You again Have a Blessed day From: Esteban Limon Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 PM To: Raymond Mc Gee Subject: RE: Re [email protected] Good afternoon Mr. We have located the driver who has your call/return tag to pick up the damaged item, he should be by tomorrow.

Please email or call me tomorrow if it still has not been picked up.

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