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She proclaims that it's only a job to kill some of the students.When Tooru and Julie are fighting with Rito, she is shown to be giving them a hard time because of their differences, making her look down on them. After the fight, Rito starts to take an interest in Tooru.she didn't complete it but it is hinted that she might have developed feelings towards Tooru at the starting but it was interrupted due to them getting separated and being put in different branches., she shows her other personality that wants to fight and kill.They know more about each other than the others know about them.Tooru and Julie are shown to have a huge amount of trust between them.They both seem more than just close friends or anythings due to the fact that Julie always wants to sleep with Tooru and doesn't want him to pay much attention to other girls. When Tooru ends up getting in a bad situation, she is always there to save him in the nick of time.

Tomoe is one of Tooru's first friends upon entering the academy.

Later without knowing it herself, Tomoe ends up falling in love with Tooru.

A very important friend of Tooru's, not in a very special way though.

Every day when Tooru heads for the cafeteria for a meal, if he get's a lot of meat, Tomoe always tells him to eat some vegetables because she worries about her friends' health.

Later after the events of volume 1 when the gang was attacked by Tsukumo, Tooru asks Tachibana to become his teacher to improve his attack and defense.

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